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The History of The Windmill


The Windmill itself dates back to the 1820s although there is evidence it could have been built on an earlier version from the 1600s. It has also been used as an exotic bird farm, was the location for breeding the first captive sealion, as well as a riding stables with 25 horse and ponies which closed in the 1990s.


In 2012 we had the opportunity to take The Windmill on from Rowena's parents, and jumped at such a chance. There are always lots of projects, and one particular long-term aim was to convert the stables to holiday lets - before Rowena could move any more horses back in! Considering it took us two years to empty them and another two to get various planning permissions, the process was never going to be swift. As well as limewashing and mortaring The Windmill, repointing the pool and upgrading and modernising the property, in lockdown we finally had the time to devote to the stables and now they are ready!    


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Our family


The Windmill has been in our family for almost 50 years. With three growing boys, two friendly dogs and an array of chickens we soon began to fill the place. While the boys were young Rowena worked from home as a language teacher hosting foreign students, and has more recently retrained as a sports massage therapist (and can now offer treatments to guests on-site - just ask and book a slot!).


Ben works as an economist by day, but has broadened his talents and is now an experienced handyman and great project manager. Even the boys have been working on the finishing touches to the holiday lets - digging for the new patio and trimming hedges!



If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about the accommodation and facilities please get in touch.